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Enabling to Succeeded ™

Global Ability products have helped people around the globe to achieve their goals despite blindness, low vision, handicap or learning disabilities.

Global Ability Products was established in 2008 in Toronto, Canada. The company is dedicated to development of its own Braille products as well as sales of Braille products of various other companies.

Global Ability Products is now recognized around the world as a leading supplier of assistive Braille technology as well as handicap equipment. The company’s research and development work is driven mostly by sales revenues from their popular line of Braille Room equipment specifically designed for companies which employ blind and those with vision problems.

Cooperation with high-power IT companies and technological production companies allow Global Ability products to integrate flawlessly with the mainstream products available on the market. Our signature software allows us combine several lines of our products together and make them interact and provide assistance for our customers at a new level.